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Conservation Award Guidelines

Activities to be focused upon may include, but are not limited to:

  • Distinctive and continuing programs for maintaining wildlife habitat - not just for foxes or coyotes - but for all rural fauna and flora.
  • A systematic approach to the placement of significant amounts of open lands into perpetual easement - hunting, scenic, historical, conservation, etc.
  • Fostering and supporting a conservation organization or foundation to conserve large tracts of land and the indigenous wildlife.
  • Organized efforts aimed at educating the general public - particularly the young - on the need for conservation of natural resources.
  • The formation of alliances or working in concert with other conservation organizations.
  • Evidence of sustained political activity in the furtherance of open land preservation.
  • A Hunt which contributed a great deal toward the fostering and maintaining of conservation.


Questions concerning this award should be directed to the MFHA Office or Daphne Flowers Wood, MFH Conservation Chairman.

MFHA Foundation
Conservation Committee
PO Box 363 ∙ Millwood, VA 22646
(540) 955-5680 (p) ∙ (540) 955-5682 (f)

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