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Hunt Positions – from the Miami Valley Hunt website

The MASTER, or MFH, is in overall command of the hunt and his word is final in the field and in the kennels. He decides when and where hounds will meet, what coverts are to be drawn, and when hounds will go home. He is responsible for hounds showing the best possible sport under existing conditions; and he is responsible for the hounds, the staff, and the field neither damaging nor annoying the landowners who make the sport possible. He is the boss, and during his term of office there is no higher appeal. In many hunts the duties of the Master are divided between two Joint Masters.

The HUNTSMAN controls the hounds, indicating to them by signals where he wishes them to draw for a fox, and he is responsible for a fox being well hunted when found. He attempts to be sure that hounds work together as a pack by encouraging the tail hounds and steadying the lead hounds, and in case of a check he must be prepared to assist hounds to recover the line by use of a cast if necessary. His technical decisions must be quickly made, and staff and Field must abide by them or utter chaos will ensue.

The WHIPPERS-IN assist the Huntsman in controlling hounds by turning them back to the huntsman or by encouraging them forward to him as necessary. Also, they are used by the huntsman as scouts to get notice of the movement of a fox. No one except the huntsman gives orders to whippers-In. No one except by request of the huntsman or MFH should accompany them or attempt to assist them.

The FIELD consists of the mounted followers and is controlled by the Field Master who rides at the head of it. The Field Master is responsible for seeing that the field does not interfere with hounds in their work; and he is also responsible for seeing that the field avoids damage to the landowners. The field should be aligned behind the Master by order of their office and by seniority of membership in the hunt. Please do not change position in the field as all unnecessary commotion tends to distract the hounds.

The SECRETARY assists the Field Master in his job of observing and reporting the behavior of the Field, particularly as if affects the landowners. Damaged fences should be reported to the Secretary. "Capping Fees" - (a set fee per hunt) must be paid to the Field Secretary before mounting.

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