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MFHA Foundation Hark Forward Initiative

The MFHA Foundation’s Hark Forward initiative consists of friendly competitions and events nationwide to connect foxhunters, to celebrate all aspects of our sport and to raise funds for the renovations of the new National Headquarters in Middleburg, VA. 

The new Headquarters and Museum will be a symbol of our historic traditions and commitment to hunting’s future and will be a platform to educate about our rich history, expound the values of hunting and rural tradition, and grow our sport.

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Sept 16-17, 2017

Massbach/FRVH Performance Trial

Kevin Keesee
Maria Zuber Madden

Sept 22-24, 2017

Chagrin Valley Joint Meet

Laura Mock, MFH

Sept 23-24, 2017

Carolina Foothill Field Hunter Trials

Hosted by Green Creek & Tryon Hounds
Carolyn Cadier
Informational Flyer
Event Flyer
Stabling/Food/Lodging Flyer

Sept 24, 2017

Green Spring Valley Hunter Trials

Sheila Jackson Brown, MFH

Sept 24-26, 2017

Millbrook Performance Trials

Nancy Stahl, MFH
Donna Verrilli 845-677-9689

Sept 29, 2017

Rose Tree Blue Mountain Joint Meet

Sean Cully, MFH

Oct 7, 2017

Camargo Hunter Trials

Carla Babcock

Oct 8, 2017

Piedmont Fox Hounds Hunter Trials

Barbara Riggs
PFH Hunter Trial Flyer
PFH Prize List

Oct 13-15, 2017

Moore County Performance Trials

Cameron Sadler, MFH
Lincoln Sadler
Moore County PT Flyer

Oct 14, 2017

VA Fall Races, Randolph Field Hunter Championship Finals

VA Fall Races: Randolph Field Hunter Championships  Kassie Kingsley:

Oct 15, 2017

Carolinas (Whiskey Road) Field Hunter Qualifier

Barbara Nelson, MFH,

Oct 19-21, 2017

Bull Run/Rappahannock Performance Trials

Rosie Campbell, MFH
Charles Montgomery

Oliver Brown, MFH
Michael Brown, MFH

Nov 5, 2017

Keswick Field Hunter Championship

William Coleman, MFH

Nov 8-12, 2017

Rocky Mountain Field Hunter Championship/Arapahoe Joint Meet

Mary Ewing,MFH

Nov 10-12, 2017

Junior NA Field Hunter Championship (Belle Meade)

Heather Currier
Dick Dozier

Nov 17-19, 2017

Field Hunter Trials Championship -Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC)

Carolyn Cadier
TIEC Field Hunter Championship Outline

***ENTRY CLOSING DATE is November 7, 2017

Nov 30-Dec 2, 2017

Hillsboro Hounds Performance Trials

Bill Haggard, MFH
Johnny Gray

Jan 10-12, 2018

Aiken Drag Performance Trials (at Belle Meade)

Linda Knox McLean, MFH

Jan 10-13, 2018

Bear Creek Hounds Joint Meet

Hal Barry, MFH Susan Cutler

Jan 11-14, 2018

Lowcountry Hunt Joint Meet

Melinda Shambley, MFH

Jan 18-20, 2018

Belle Meade Performance Trial

Epp Wilson, MFH
Jean Derrick

Feb 8-10, 2018

Tejon Performance Trials

Hilary Mothershead, MFH

Feb 22-24, 2018

Mooreland Joint Meet

Leslie Rhett Crosby, MFH

Feb 28-Mar 4, 2018

Live Oak Presidential Joint Meet

Daphne Flowers Wood, MFH

Mar 2-4, 2018

Wicomico Performance Trials

Edwin Fry
Melissa Wade

Mar 16-18, 2018

Mission Valley Performance Trials

Jane Jeffries, DVM, MFH

Mar 17, 2018

Bear Creek Southern Puppy Show

Hal Barry, MFH

Mar 30 - Apr 1, 2018

Sedgefield Performance Trials

Fred Berry, MFH
Jan Sorrells, MFH

Apr 6-8, 2018

Arapahoe Performance Trials

Mary Ewing, MFH

Apr 7, 2018

Southern Hound Show

Kathryn Barnett

Apr 21, 2018

Southwest Hound Show

Sandy Dixon, MFH

May 6, 2018

New England Hound Show

Dominic Cammarata, MFH

May 12, 2018

Central States Hound Show

Dr. Steven Thomas, MFH

May 12, 2018

Carolinas Hound Show

Cameron Sadler, MFH

May 12, 2018

Penn-Marydel Hound Show

Nancy Dougherty

May 27, 2018

Virginia Hound Show

Bob Ferrer, MFH

June 2, 2018

Bryn Mawr Hound Show

Nancy Bedwell Danks