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Instructions for 3-Generation Pedigree Form3rd Gen Pedigree

1. BRED BY. The owner or lessee of the dam at the time of breeding is the breeder. If not a Hunt, give full name and address (town and state).

2. PLACE OF BIRTH. If not at (or under the auspices of) a Hunt, give town and state.

3. DATE OF BIRTH. Give month, day and year. If exact date is unknown, give month or season and year.

4. BREED. Indicate American, English, Crossbred, Penn-Marydel or Penn-Marydel Listed. For purposes of the Stud Book, other strains of Foxhounds developed in the United States such as Walker and July are registered as American hounds. Before 2008 Penn-Marydel hounds (PM) were classified as American providing they had less than 1/16th outcross. Since 2008 PM hounds have been given breed recognition and have their own section in the Stud Book. The additional term Penn-Marydel Listed (PL) applies to Penn-Marydel hounds that are 12.5% or less out cross and when bred to a pure PM their get are considered pure PM. Crossbred classification will be verified by the Keeper of the Stud Book in accordance with rules of the Association.

5. YEAR OF ENTRY. Give the year when the hound or littermates to be registered were first hunted on a regular and systematic basis, whether by you or by a previous owner. The year of entry is part of a hound's name and is usually, but not always, one year after the year of birth and does not change when an entered hound is drafted from one pack to another.

6. FROM WHOM ACQUIRED. If you are NOT the breeder, give the name of the Hunt or the full name and address (town & state) of the person or kennels from whom the hound was acquired.

7. DATE WHEN ACQUIRED. If you are NOT the breeder, give the date when you acquired the hound. If the exact date is unknown, give the month or season and year.

sketch 8. NAME OF HOUND. If you are the breeder (or had possession of the dam at the time of whelping), list ALL living and drafted hounds of the litter in the second column. Give the name of your Hunt in the first column for EACH hound entered by you even if subsequently drafted. If you have drafted an unentered hound or puppy of this litter to another pack, give the name of that pack in the first column, Say "not yet entered" or "unnamed" in appropriate cases. If you are not the breeder, list only the hound or littermates entered by you.

9. ENTERED BY OR DRAFTED UNENTERED TO. For each hound listed, give the name of the Hunt or person that first hunted the hound on a regular and systematic basis. For an unentered hound of this litter drafted by you to another pack, give the name of that pack.

10. SEX. Indicate dog or bitch (D or B).

11. TATTOO. If tattooed, give numbers and letters marked on hound.

12. COMMENTS. This column is for your use on the copy that you retain for recording colors, vaccinations, walks, or dates of death. If, at the time of registration, you have drafted an entered hound of this litter to another hunt, give name of Hunt and date of draft in this column.

13. PEDIGREE. A satisfactory three-generation pedigree showing the prefix (name of Hunt or person that first hunted the hound on a regular and systematic basis), name, and year of entry for all sires and dams is required for registration. However, if the sire and dam are registered with the Association, the third generation need not be completed. A hound whose pedigree is incomplete may be eligible for listing in the Stud Book and its progeny will eventually be eligible for registration.

14. PENN-MARYDEL PEDIGREES: All pure bred Penn-Marydel (PM) hounds before 2008 were listed in the Stud Book as American Hounds. It is essential that three and even four generations, if possible, be provided for all PM and PL hound registration requests. Anything less than three generations will be returned and not registered. It is imperative that when filling out the pedigree form the requester report the determination of the hound’s parents, grandparents and great grandparents exactly as they are listed in the MFHA Stud Book for 2008 and after. If in past Stud Books a hound was listed as an American Hound and was in fact a PM, it should be brought to the Keeper of the Stud Book’s attention so a determination/correction can be made. If there is a conflict with the Penn-Marydel Stud Book of the Penn-Marydel Association, the MFHA determination takes precedent.

15. The VOLUME & PAGE are used by the Association office to identify the sire and dam in the stud book. If you supply the correct and full name of a sire or dam and of its sire and dam, the volume and page may not be necessary.

16. OUTSIDE SOURCES. If the sire or dam was not entered by a Registered or Recognized Hunt, or is not registered with the Association, or is owned by a private individual or kennels, a separate certificate on a special form may be required and is available from the Stud Book office

17. OTHER STUD BOOKS. If the sire or dam is registered elsewhere, give name of Stud Book, registrant's name (kennels or individual), and number. The Association has an extensive file of the English FOXHOUND KENNEL STUD BOOK, of the INTERNATIONAL FOXHUNTERS STUD BOOK (IFSB) published by the CHASE magazine, and of the STANDARD FOXHOUND STUD BOOK (SFSB) published by The Hunter's Horn magazine and can cooperate in determining the pedigree of any hound registered in those Stud Books. A certificate of registration issued by another registry may be submitted and will not be returned, but kept in file.

18. CERTIFICATION. All pedigrees submitted for registration must be signed, dated, and the name of the Hunt must be given.

19. SIGNATURE. The pedigree should be signed by the Master. If the pedigree has been prepared by another person, it may be signed by him but should be countersigned by the Master.

20. NAME OF HUNT. Give the name of the Hunt submitting the pedigree.

21. DATE.

22. REGISTRATION FEE. There is a $25.00 fee for the registration or listing of each pedigree. Upon registration, the Keeper of the Stud Book will return a confirmation sheet showing all registrations in the form in which they will be published together with a bill for the fee. The sheet should be checked for accuracy and agreement with your records.

23. CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION. The Keeper will, upon written request, issue a certificate of registration for a three or four generation pedigree under the seal of the Masters of Foxhounds Association of America for any eligible hound. Fee $25.00 per certificate.

3-Generation Pedigree (click to download)

3rd Gen Pedigree

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