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Recording of Territory – from the MFHA Guidebook

Territory should be hunted regularly before application to record is sent to the Association, unless it is to be requested as reserved country. The proposed territory may then be set aside (for a limited time) until the Hunt meets registration requirements. No request for registration of initial or additional territory shall be considered until a Hunt has started to develop and hunt that country.

Hunts(a) SIZE. The area of a hunting country should be such that it can be reasonably paneled, maintained and hunted. The size of a recorded country should not normally exceed an area of approximately 250 square miles, plus a reserve for future expansion. It is not necessary to actively hunt reserve country. More than one area may be recorded to a Member Hunt, and these areas need not be contiguous. Drag hunts do not require as much territory as live hunts.

(b) MAPS AND DESCRIPTION OF COUNTRY. All applications for recording Hunt country, whether new country or changes to an existing recorded country, must be accompanied by a detailed map, at a scale of one-quarter inch to the mile, clearly showing the boundaries of the territory. (A U.S.G.S. map on a 1:250,000 scale or a county map is suitable.) The boundaries should be roads, railway lines or rivers that can be recognized in the field. Political boundaries, such as counties or townships, or straight lines drawn between two points on the map are not acceptable. Cities and large towns should not be included in the recorded country. The Member Hunt's kennels must be noted on the map. A Member Hunt's "reserve" country must be shaded or outlined to distinguish it from the actual territory hunted.

The application also must be accompanied by a state map with the territory shaded to ascertain the Hunt’s general location in relationship to other Hunts, if any.

(c) SHARING A HUNT COUNTRY. The Board of Directors will not normally record the same piece of country to two Member Hunts even though the current Masters wish to hunt it jointly.

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