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MFHA Kids! - The Future of Hunting

Welcome to the new MFHA Kids page. As you can see we still have a long way to go, but check back often to see all the latest happenings!

Junior Rider Photo by Gayle Tiller Children have been a part of the foxhunting tradition for over 100 years, but today more than ever, hunts across America are looking to juniors to help maintain and grow the sporting experience.

"Children and their parents need to see that sporting life is a part of nature that nurtures a tie to the land," said Larry Byers, a former USPC President and ex-MFH of Santa Fe Hunt.

Leaders of the U.S. Pony Clubs have maintained a close relationship with the world of foxhunting, and this can be traced to the fact that most of the earliest Pony Clubs had direct ties to hunts and hunting people.  They recognized the importance of embracing youth if hunting traditions were to thrive.

Featured Updates
Fairly Hunted Award
The Fairly Hunted award was established to acknowledge children under age 18, who participate in foxhunts but may not be a member of the United States Pony Clubs. The award will be given each year to any young person who hunts five times that season and is so acknowledged by a Master. No examination is given and no requisite skills are required - just having had the experience of participating in hunts. Click here for a list of 2016 recipients.
Junior North American Field Hunter Championship (JNAFHC)
The success of the Junior North American Field Hunter Championships this fall is a reminder that children are the future of our sport. All youngsters taking part in hunts are eligible to receive the Fairly Hunted Award from the MFHA. There is no fee or skill requirement — just have a Master confirm that the child has gone out at least five times this season. Recipients will be sent a large certificate and pin from our office. For more information
Summer is a great time to get the kids involved in foxhunting--here's a little video for you to cross-post and download to use to promote foxhunting to youth.
Junior Subscribing Membership
The MFHA established a Junior Subscribing Membership (JSM) that will cost $10 annually. The JSM will allow junior members access to many of the MFHA's resources, including a subscription to Covertside. Click here to sign up for your Junior Membership today!
Coloring Book
The MFHA Foundation has published its first coloring book for kids and it's now available to purchase in our online store. This is a great way for youngsters to learn about what happens at a foxhunt.
Kid's Guide to Foxhunting
This great new Kid's Guide to Foxhunting booklet is perfect for parents looking to get kids involved in foxhunting or for kids that want to learn more. It's beautifully illustrated and is a quick and easy read.

Click here to order your copy today!

For more Junior Rider stories, read Chapter 13 from the Centennial View, "Junior Riders, The Future of Hunting", by Ben Duke (26 MB)

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