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MFHA Microchip Benefit MFHA

The MFHA has been offered a very good deal for member hunts who wish to microchip their hounds. Viaguard/Accu-Metric is a Canadian based company and the details on their microchip program can be viewed on their website. They can also be reached by phone at (877) 842-4827 or (416) 691-4167.

Basically, the company offers a sterile syringe loaded with a microchip the size of a grain of rice that is ISO, 15 digits and compatible with all systems and readers so your hound can be identified. It is do-it-yourself (no vet needed), completely painless, and takes about 3 seconds.  At the price of $4 per hound. Optional lifetime registration is available at a members price of $7 per hound. A total cost of $11 per hound. As an added bonus, after the chip has been inserted, just re-cap the needle and send the syringe back to the company to register the hounds DNA sample.

You can also buy a ultra-new advanced universal reader/scanner which is normally a $250 value for $125.

When you are ready to place your order, be sure to let them know you are with the Masters of Foxhounds Association. The MFHA receives nothing for this. We are completely neutral as to whether you sign up for this program. We do see many advantages, but you must make the decision and the arrangements are between you and the company.


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